"Everyone who has received from God can give.”  Unbound Ministry Guidebook, xi.

What is Unbound Ministry ® Training?

Unbound Ministry ® Training is an opportunity to learn how to help others receive greater freedom.

Who is Unbound Ministry ® Training for?

Anyone who desires to use the Five Keys ® to help others: small group leaders, priests, laypeople, pastors, parents, or friends.  The training you receive can be used in a variety of formal and informal ministry settings.

Why should I get Training?

Whether you occasionally help a friend or are part of a team that provides Unbound ministry ®, the quality of your service can always grow deeper.  In addition to learning informative and practical principles, our training opportunities will encourage your faith, increase your compassion, deepen your humility, and teach you how to depend upon the Holy Spirit.

How do I get trained in Unbound Ministry ®?

There are two levels of training: Basic and Advanced.  Click on the links below to learn about how to get trained.

How do I start an Unbound Ministry team?

We have developed an 8 part guide to answer that question.  Go HERE to view the TEAM QUICK START GUIDE.