Building Patterns of Blessing

One of our Heart of the Father team members woke up this morning thinking we needed to give our Unbound family something to encourage them.

My mind quickly went to an article I wrote in 2006 when I published the first book of the Will You Bless Me? trilogy. I wrote an article to teach parents about speaking blessings over their children. Find it on our website here.

Many of you are home with your children during the COVID19 (Coronavirus) shutdown. These times can be great or not so great. Recognizing the source of chaos, like fear, anxiety, and other negativity, then naming it and renouncing it can help a lot. I encourage you to use the gifts the Lord has given you to stay close to Him and walk in freedom. But today I want to stir up another gift that you can regularly use with your children and your spouse: The Power of the Spoken Blessing. This gift can help prevent the happiness curve in your home-bound circumstances from taking too big of a dip.

I wrote the article on blessing your children as an accompaniment for parents for Will You Bless Me? But you do not need the book to get some real help in learning to bless your children. (Find Will You Bless Me? and the rest of the trilogy here on our website)

Below I have added an additional gift.  

I have been asked several times to record my reading of Will you Bless Me? and  I hope you enjoy it. Listen along with the book or just sit quietly without the illustrations and let your self be drawn into the story. Be reminded of the tenderness of God and that the Lord is near. After listening, you, too, can pray to your heavenly Father,  “Will you bless Me?” Then sit and listen for the Father’s whisper deep within. He wants to bless you and encourage you in these moments. Perhaps you may even want to listen with your children.

Janet and I are praying for you and your families. We pray for health and safety! We pray that you will lean into the abundant graces that are offered to you at this time


Neal & Janet

Listen to Neal read Will You Bless Me?