A testimony is a personal declaration of what God has done in your life. It does not focus on what he has yet to do. Gratitude, with public thanksgiving, is the doorway for bigger things. How have you broken out of your small story into the bigger story of the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit?


Writing your testimony will strengthen you, giving you a “stone of remembrance” whereby you can call to mind, in difficult times ahead, the great work the Lord has done for you. But your written testimony is also a ministry to your brothers and sisters in the faith. You become an encourager, a signpost for others on the path toward freedom. In this way, you will build up your brother’s faith and help open your sister’s eyes.


Let us share your personal story of transformation that can only come from God. We will keep your identity confidential. You can send your testimonial to 

  • Rejection

    For the past two years I have been literally battling for my life due to a lie that I have believed since my husband left me two years ago for a woman that we had met on a vacation we were on. The devastation from this affair and the ensuing rejection left me...

  • The Father's Blessing

    On Saturday afternoon of the Unbound Conference I went forward to receive a blessing from a prayer team. All they knew about me was the following...

  • In Prison

    I gave a copy of Unbound to my daughter to read. She works for the correctional facility in her area in the men’s psych unit she has seen the worst of the worst come through there. A couple of weeks ago she had this young man come through there that...

  • Rejection and Migraines

    I wanted to share my testimony with you & your team. I have been delivered from chronic daily migraines which started in 1983. But most recently I suffered daily since 8/07. I have also had depression with the migraines. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to have 3 members of your team pray with me for healing & deliverance. Once I entered the room I knew the Lord was going to...

  • Wife and Husband

    WIFE: I attended a conference earlier this year. Before attending the conference, I was at rock bottom again in my life and had told my husband I was filing for divorce. I carried around so much junk in my heart that I wanted to free my husband of my horrible choices. Because we have two children he refused to comply with me. We went to church together as usual that Sunday and...

  • Abandonment

    My experience at the conference was liberating. I have been suffering from tooth pain of various sorts and degrees most of my life. Pain is not the important issue, however. What was pointed out to me during the conference was my fear of God abandoning me to the pain-- that some day one of these numerous tooth issues would...

  • The Older Brother

    I was at the Unbound conference and would like to tell you how much it meant to me. I received a huge blessing that weekend. I have felt as though I have 'encountered' Christ many times, at Life in the Spirit seminars, charismatic prayer groups, at confession, and at mass and adoration. But this was different. The weekend before I had snapped at my brother over something to do with raising my nephews. He told me...

  • Lust

    As I approached the ministry team, my first words were “I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I (I thought: I trust in God and His ministers to help me) had been to confession several times with the same area needing forgiveness: lust...

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