Mentoring with Neal

Mentoring with Neal Lozano

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**Dates and times will be chosen based on responses in the application**


Mentoring with Neal Lozano is an online small group program designed to further the development of skilled leadership during Unbound sessions.

Participants will take part in 5 weekly sessions (75-90 minutes each) led by Neal Lozano. Sessions will include:

- Live ministry sessions with participants

- Group discussions related to participant ministry sessions

- Question and Answer time

- Unpacking difficult Unbound sessions and how to lead them


It is important that you have:

1. Read the book Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance

 2. Attended an Unbound: Freedom in Christ ConferenceOR; completed the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Study Program 

3. Completed the Unbound Basic Ministry Training Program through either the DVD series or E-course 

4. Led at least 3 Unbound ministry sessions



If you are interested in participating in the program please complete the application form.  If you are selected you will receive the information about registering and paying for the program.  Each group will be limited to a maximum of 8 people.  



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