Our Vision

Our Vision

Heart of the Father is called to equip the Church with the Unbound Ministry. Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God expanding as believers take hold of the freedom Christ Jesus has won for them.

We desire to see every church equipped throughout the world with an Unbound ministry so that every believer can experience the freedom of knowing God the Father.

Our Mission

Setting the Captives Free is our calling to minister using the Five Keys of Unbound, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus, to break the power of spiritual bondages in the lives of believers. Our primary goal is to love and serve them, that they may be empowered to take their stand and receive the Father's blessing over their lives.

Sharing the Message is our calling to share the Five Keys of Unbound. It is our aim to help others understand the strategies of the enemy in their lives and how to use the Five Keys to break the chains that hold them back from knowing the Father's love.

Equipping the Church is our calling to train local teams in the ministry of Unbound and provide resources for teams and individuals to grow as they minister to others.

We believe that as we fulfill this mission, the Church will be transformed as people live lives of greater freedom and love, knowing more intimately their identity, purpose and belonging in the heart of God the Father.