Get Prayer

The Unbound Network is an informal arrangement of ministry groups who are using the Five Keys of Unbound. The Network lists information about these groups for people who are unable to receive prayer from Heart of the Father Ministries or attend a conference due to distance.

To request ministry from one of these groups, use the contact information listed by the group. Do not contact Heart of the Father Ministries unless you want to request prayer from our local team in Philadelphia.

Important Note: Heart of the Father Ministries is not responsible for these ministries, nor are they under the oversight of HOFM. The purpose of the Unbound Network is not to endorse a particular ministry, but rather to give visibility to groups that have been trained in Unbound. Please use due diligence to get more information and discern if receiving Unbound ministry from a particular group is right for you.

Before you request ministry, it is recommended that you either read Unbound, attend a conference, or watch the conference DVD’s so that you will be prepared to participate in a prayer session. It is also recommended that you are part of a church or group of Christian friends who will support you as you seek deeper freedom in Christ. It is the prerogative of each ministry group to determine if and when a candidate will receive prayer.