Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference

Do You Want to Experience Greater Freedom?

This conference by Neal and Janet Lozano will present a sound and practical way for Christians to experience a greater freedom from the influence of evil in their lives and to enjoy a greater fullness of life won for us by Christ's death and resurrection.  In addition, the teaching will assist those who have a compassionate calling to help others gain that same freedom.

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The Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference is for anyone:

- who finds themselves struggling with the same sin area time after time

- who is frustrated in their spiritual growth

- who feels hopeless in finding freedom

- who wishes to tap into the potent power of the Gospel

- who longs to help someone without hope

- who is bound to negative patterns of thinking

- who wants to learn more about deliverance

The Freedom in Christ Conferences have been held in cities within the United States, as well as internationally in Slovakia, Poland, Haiti, Ukraine, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Christians with diverse backgrounds, including Evangelical, Catholic, Charismatic, Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian, and Assembly of God have been involved in the Unbound conferences. Neal has instructed pastors and lay leaders in different parts of the world to successfully utilize the Unbound training within their own ministries.

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The Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conferences are the result of years of experience helping people uncover the freedom they have been given in Christ. Join us on your personal journey to being delivered and living the life offered to you through Jesus Christ.