Free Ministry Resources

Prayer Ministry Training Outline

This outline explains the principles and preparation tips that will increase the effectiveness of your ministry Team.

They can be found in Appendix B of the Unbound Ministry Guidebook.

Learning to Listen Practice Sheet

This form is a helpful aid that organizes the content of your Unbound interview according to the Five Keys, enabling you to keep track of what has been shared and how you will lead the person to respond.

Discernment Article

Discernment is a gift from the Lord. By this gift, God enables us to understand the motives of one's heart and to recognize where an action comes from. Is it from the Spirit of God, the human spirit, or an evil spirit? Does if flow from truth or a lie?

The gift of discernment develops in the context of reflection, study and experience.

Samples of Related Spirits

This document provides a sample list of related spirits, such as: anger, resentment, bitterness, revenge (or retaliation), hatred, rage...etc.

It provides a general list of spirits that often are connected or go together in a person’s response to life (although not always). Becoming familiar with this list helps leaders to ask good questions about issues that are related to what the person has shared.

Lies To Renounce

The following gives you an idea of the range of lies that may be uncovered in a ministry session. The lies are as unique as the person’s story. Reflecting on this list will help you pick up on lies as they are expressed.

Developing an Unbound Ministry

This is the story of one prayer team and how they started Unbound in a local church. It covers topics such as team member selection and development, organizing ministry events, and encouraging people after they receive prayer. It is not intended as a blueprint for every team to follow, but is full of wisdom and experience for those who are just beginning.

Note-taking Tool

In addition to the Learning to Listen Practice Sheet, this document can be used to organize your Unbound interview. This tool reminds you of the important entryways to listen for and ask questions about.

Preparing for Ministry - Personal Reflections

This resource will help prepare you to come for Unbound prayer ministry. It will walk you through a series of questions that will help bring to the surface things you may want to share during the session. This resource is for your private use.

Pre-Ministry Letter

This letter from Heart of the Father Ministries to a person who would like to receive Unbound prayer outlines the specific ways that he can prepare for his Unbound session.

This letter could be modified or rewritten for your team to send to those who want ministry.

The Five Keys - A Brief Summary

This document outlines briefly the heart of the Unbound Ministry, the Five Keys: 1) Repentance and Faith, 2) Forgiveness, 3) Renunciation, 4) Authority and 5) The Father's Blessing.

Using the Unbound Name

To protect the integrity of the Unbound ministry, we have developed this resource to provide you guidelines on how you may use the Unbound Ministry model in your ministry efforts.