Unbound Endorsements

Peter Herbeck

Renewal Ministries, Ann Arbor, MI

The conference Neal Lozano presents on deliverance training is a very practical, timely answer to ministry needs in the church today. It is the kind of practical teaching and training both clergy and lay leaders in the church need to help those in their care.

Leadership Team

River Fellowship, Podolinec, Slovakia

The conference was exactly what we needed. Neal put the ministry of deliverance into normal everyday life. The whole conference created an atmosphere of friendship and love and this gave people the courage to ask for prayer. We thank Neal for his humility and openness and generosity in sharing with us what God has given to him.

Ed Dean

Former Pastor, Crossroads Nazarene Church

In ministering to folks from all demographics who are struggling with hurts, habits, and hang-ups, there is nothing more effective than Unbound and the five keys to guide them to a place of peace and wholeness.

Msgr. Ralph J. Chieffo

St. Mary Magdelen Parish, Media, PA

The Unbound Conference, Unbound materials and my friendship with Neal and Janet Lozano over the years has helped me to draw near to our Lord and Savior.   The Five Keys of Unbound releases the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit who helps us overcome sin and evil.

Scott McKay

Senior Pastor, Willow Drive Baptist Church

Neal Lozano’s book, Unbound, is one of the most phenomenal books on breaking spiritual strongholds that I have ever read. As a pastor, I have used seven different deliverance ministry models over 27 years of ministry and none has been more successful than what Neal presents in his book.

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Tracy Saletta

Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

The model that you set forth for deliverance has proven to be extremely beneficial for our community. Lives were set free during the conference and continue to be set free as 22 members of our congregation were trained in the Unbound model, and have continued to utilize this model of prayer.

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