Advanced Ministry Training

Unbound Advanced



Advanced Ministry Training is for anyone who has completed Basic Ministry Training and who wants to grow in effectiveness as a prayer leader, group leader or trainer.

Unbound Advanced Ministry consists of four workshops taught by Matt Lozano followed by a practical observation and feedback session.

Prerequisite: Anyone who wants to participate in Advanced Ministry Training must read the Unbound Ministry Guidebook prior to participating. Everyone who completes Unbound Advanced Ministry


Leadership Workshops

- Talk 1: Positioned to Ministry - Knowing God's Delight

- Talk 2: How Evil Spirits Work: Recognizing the Enemy

Recorded Ministry Session 1 - Pat:

Session demonstrates some practical aspects of Unbound ministry, specifically the importance of specific renunciation in order to break the enemy’s power in a person’s life.

- Q+A Session and Small Group Sharing

- Talk 1: Importance of the Holy Spirit

- Talk 2: Learning to Listen

- Q+A Session and Small Group Sharing

- Talk 3: Understanding Foundational Patterns

- Talk 1: Humility: Having the Mind of Christ

- Talk 2: Self-Justification

- Recorded Ministry Session 2 and 3

Sessions demonstrate the practical aspects of the Unbound interview and power of forgiveness and blessing.

- Q+A Session and Small Group Sharing

- Talk 1: Compassion – The Heart of Christ

- Talk 2: The Ministry of Intercession

- Q+A Session and Small Group Sharing

- Talk 3: Speaking the Father’s Blessing